VNO-ISP: Unified License Application Procedure


1. Check Eligibility:

To get the approval of VNO-ISP license you need to have a company registered under Companies Act. To know more about company registration you can request a call back at sidebar or simply WhatsApp to Ozg Lawyers. It can be done in one to two weeks and will cost you approx INR 20,000/+.

2. Category Selection:

Select the category in which you want to apply for the VNO-ISP License, opt between A, B or C category. The three different categories of VNO-ISP license in India are bifurcated geographically based on the city, state, village, town where you will operate your business. VNO-ISP license is cheapest for class C.


  • Class A ISP (PAN India)
  • Class B ISP (Telecom Circle/Metro Area)
  • Class C ISP (Secondary Switching Area) 

3. Cost analysis and setting budget:

To grow internet services in rural Indian towns and villages our government has kept prices extremely lower for category C compared to category A and B.

You can look into the following table to understand costing requirements to obtain a VNO-ISP license:

Service Minimum Equity Minimum Net worth Entry Fee (Rs.) Performance BG (Rs.) Financial BG (Rs.) Application Processing Fee (Rs.) Total Capital Required (Rs.)

ISP “A” (PAN India) Nil Nil 15 Lakh Nil Nil 50 Thousand 15,50,000

ISP “B” (Telecom circle/Metro Area) Nil Nil 1 Lakh Nil Nil 15 Thousand 1,15,000

ISP “C” (SSA) Nil Nil 10,000 Nil Nil 10 Thousand 20,000

As per the above, a Class C VNO-ISP license can be acquired under 1L rupees approximately varying on the basis of our lawyers and ISP consultants fee at your location.

Application filling:

You are required to fill a VNO-ISP license form to acquire the license. Every applicant needs to pay a non-refundable amount of Rs. 10,000 (Cat-C) towards processing fee, provide all mandatory documents.

Document Verification:

The next step in the process is document verification, it is conducted by Department of Telecom. The verification process may take about 60 days depending on the issues arising during verification.

If everything is fine and your application is approved, you will receive a ‘Letter of Intent’ by DOT. If your documents do not comply with the application guideline there are chances that your application may be rejected. Before submitting you should get your application reviewed by any of Ozg ISP consultants / lawyers nearby.

Letter of Intent:

Once your application for VNO-ISP License has been approved, DOT will issue a ‘Letter of Intent’ in your favor. After receiving the ‘Letter of Intent’  you are required to submit a non-refundable one-time entry fee, the signed license agreement and other requisite documents mentioned in the letter within the time mentioned in it.


If everything falls into place you will receive the VNO-ISP License for ISP under the Unified License for a period of 10 years. The information related to confirmation of license issue will be communicated directly to you via DOT.

The VNO-ISP licensing process is pretty complicated, applications were usually rejected on the grounds of lack of information, non-compliance, incomplete submission, the inappropriateness of documents, etc. Thus, in order to save your valuable time and money, get all your documents duly verified by Ozg ISP consultant lawyers nearby before filling the application form. For more info, simply WhatsApp or please email to:

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